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In-Wall Cabling

Are you tired of messy-looking wires and cords trailing between your devices?

Hide Those Wires

It’s amazing how much impact concealing and hiding wires can have on your living spaces. Countless hooked devices to get access to all the content, we understand the power of hiding your cords and wires because we see the dramatic effects every day. Even customers who say they don’t really notice their television cords and cables are shocked at how much more they enjoy their entertainment space once those wires are professionally hidden away.
In-Wall Vertical Wire Concealment is suited for most common situations where you would place AV components, Cable box, DVD/Blu-Ray player, Gaming console, etc., sitting on a component stand/entertainment unit.
We hide low-voltage cables (such as HDMI, RCA, Component cables) and high-voltage through, starting from top to down through the wall within the same stud bay.